See how some of our clients benefited from LEAN implementation

“We’ve tried other consulting organizations.”

This General Manager of a multi store enterprise was initially skeptical of our Lean approach. Why? Previous consulting groups did not positively impact their business. Enter BEZ and our all inclusive LEAN transformation. Great results and hands on involvement.

“LEAN is exactly what I needed to address my cash flow problems.”

High technology tools are not always necessary when a business needs a transformation. Employe engagement sprinkled with LEAN tools are the formula for success in a tough environment.

Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations.

Leon Claywell , owner of Medica Pharmacy has a growing and thriving business. Concern over the inefficiencies of the staff and systems that are required to meet and exceed customer expectations. Benamoz team evaluated and implemented immediate improvements, while involving all team members.

“Eyes In The Back Of My Head.”

It was an emotional week with changes to the process and everyone actively engaged and accountable.Leadership roles and responsibilities were clarified. Ultimate result was team buy in.

Changes to a Pharmacist’s workflow

Organized work areas to improve customer service resulted in team working better together.

Theresa Tolle, owner Bay Street Pharmacy

Great team interactions and engagement by all. Never had an outside set of eyes to look at processes and attitudes along with financials. Customer focus with less stress. LEAN really works.

Chief Financial Officer, Jim’s Pharmacy

Restructuring after a week long LEAN Rapid Improvement Event left everyone exhausted but hopeful of better days ahead. A plan is in place and people are accountable for achieving results.

Owner of Jim’s Pharmacy

This owner is looking for freedom so that he can pursue other endeavors. To do so,he needed a Rapid Improvement Event to stabilize this very large pharmacy. Infrastructure and accountability was incorporated into the business plan and the owner is very hopeful of better days ahead.

Operations Manager, Jim’s Pharmacy

Tools to help the team morale and customer relationships. Sustained improvements using LEAN.

LTC Leadership team embrace Lean

Owner Lisa and her husband Matty met us at a recent Cardinal trade show. After significant discussion they were convinced that Benamoz SolutionZ could help them. The Rapid Improvement Event is now positive history but an ongoing source of support.

LTC Pharmacy owner 180 turnaround

A North Carolina LTC pharmacy owner was reluctant about Benamoz Business SolutionZ ability to help their business. They had recently brought in a consulting firm that was ineffective and actually sent them home. Listen to an interesting story about how it all changed.

Medical Centre Pharmacy owners enthused about pharmacy after LEAN transformation…

Jerry and Ruth Mirra are owners of a thriving enterprise. Rapid growth has its own challenges and requires stabilization to support growth. Implementation of a LEAN operating system restored a sense of balance to their lives while allowing them to stay on task with their vision. We love owners who are great LEAN students as well. Never stop learning.

Manager at Hill’s Prescription Shop assumes LEAN leadership role…

Leadership creates the environment and after some initial apprehension, Barb the Pharmacy Manager took to the LEAN Rapid Improvement Event like the true leader she is. Her role was clarified,systems were implemented and standard work was created for all team members. Barb has accepted her challenge with excitement and anticipation.

Pharmacy Owner feels leap of faith to LEAN worthwhile…

Pharmacy Owner, Pat Lynch, was faced with significant business challenges while looking for ways to grow his business. What to do? A LEAN Rapid Improvement Event of course.The entire team was engaged and involved. Changes were embraced, tough decisions were made and everyone has accepted the challenge of becoming a champion marketer. Great job!

LEAN Transformation in a Compounding Lab reduces this owner’s hard work

This pharmacy owner was frustrated by long lead times and lack of a management system to align all team members towards the goal of outstanding customer service. The LEAN transformation through a Rapid Improvement Event made significant improvements in lead time and customer service. Their marketing efforts have been focused and great results are being realized. Leadership hard work and stress has been reduced significantly.

Customer/Patient Service Impacted by Lean Transformation

The team’s work has been refocused and everyone feels empowered.This team member feels that everyone should experience a LEAN transformation.

LEAN Transformation at Uptown Drug & Gift Shop

Customized implementation of the Toyota Production System LEAN process for retail pharmacy was a huge success.It has been described as a MUST for any pharmacy or business lacking adequate systems to achieve high performance excellence and productivity involving all team members. Results are immediate, people are energized, and by operating LEAN,you can make a lot more $$ while making it seem easy. Who doesn’t want that?

The Impact of LEAN implementation within the pharmacy

Joanne is being asked to do more with less pharmacy support. She fully embraces the workflow changes that were designed to minimize her hard work. Everyone is engaged and embracing the new changes. From this point additional ideas have been forthcoming and no doubt will result in even more improvements. Good employees performing consistently. Great job team!

Pharmacy/Store Manager freed up to work on the business

What happens when the Pharmacist/Manager of a retail Pharmacy has little or no time to actually work on the business? With our one week Lean based Rapid Improvement Event,this leader was freed up 3-4 hours per day. Workflow improvements allow the team to provide necessary coverage. Listen to what she says about the impact on her personally and professionally.

Bittersweet is really sweet by end of the week

Nervous about the change process,the team embraced the customer focused improvements and empowerment to make real changes within their work environment.

Leadership refocus on customer service

A high growth business on the cusp of being bigger than the owner could handle, asked for assistance to stabilize and position for sustained growth. The owner was concerned that leadership shortcomings would be the focus when in fact lean problem solving made them the solution. Everyone was engaged and realigned to support the growth.

Why chance it on a conference they don’t attend ? Impact your team immediately

Employees are challenged to put forth their best efforts and held to a higher standard of accountability. What happens? They love it when leadership is fair, firm, and consistent.

Bring the conference to your team and get everyone involved

The team was frustrated and very concerned about the overall level of customer satisfaction. A 3.5 day “Lean” Rapid Improvement Event identified core issues leading to major improvements re energizing the team and overall performance. Systems and accountability implemented before the end of “your conference”.

Cross Country Tour – The LEAN Journey 2012

A compilation of LEAN training and successes throughout the year. Custom problem solving Transformations implemented while onsite through Rapid Improvement Events. Elimination of “hard work” has resulted in better balance between work and personal time for owners while realizing significant and sustained lead time, quality and cost improvements.

Message of Hope

This heartfelt testimonial is from a business owner who has long been “too busy” and frustrated with the slow pace of coaching for performance improvement.

Difference Like Night and Day

Pharmacy owner comments on the successful onsite he just experienced using lean tools.

Cam Pyle: Post Intervention Feelings

Rider Pharmacy Manager comments on how attitudes changed 180 degrees in 3 short days of onsite work.

Tom Feltenstein Endorses Rafi Benamoz

Marketing visionary Tom Feltenstein, CEO and founder of Power Marketing Academy, strongly believes that Rafi Benamoz, founder of BENAMOZ Business Entrepreneur Solutionz is not only a strong proponent, but knows how to drive top line results in the most challenging environments.

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