Core Principles

How LEAN Creates Value for Your Business

Standardized work

The clarification of roles and responsibilities of your team that leads to less people dependency.

Standardization is often and, in our view and experience, mistakenly linked to stifling creativity and, ultimately, productivity. Time after time, that has proven wrong. Standardized work is about accountability and elimination of hard work. It’s about helping your employees understand what’s expected of them and what they can do to meet and exceed expectations.

Visual Controls

A consistent, systematic approach that gives people a “go, no go” representation for quick and easy interpretation.

Often overlooked, but critically important to value creation, is the establishment of consistent visual signals that tell people status updates to know what to do and where to go in every situation. This simple process ensures that everyone in your organization is on the same page, promotes quality accountability, ensures continuity and removes much of the stress associated with miscommunication and lack of process.

Standard Management

A total commitment to showing your people that you care.

Just look at the success of Toyota (used as the benchmark for manufacturing and management systems in all realm of business), where we gained much of the experience that we share with independent business owners. Don’t be afraid – roll up your sleeves and observe the current reality of what your employees are doing to provide value to your customers. What you learn will help you make better business decisions. Another component is providing a system for deviation from the norm. When out of the ordinary situations arise there is a clearly identified system with defined roles and responsibilities, as to whom/how the situation is followed for resolution. Above all, show respect for all employees.

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