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All too often independent business owners focus on profit rather than creating value for their customers. Make no mistake, Benamoz Entrepreneur Solutionz is all about maintaining your current customer base while growing new opportunities. Stabilizing first allows new business to profitably reflect in your bottom line. After all, why would you want to market your problems?
Our approach is to spend upfront planning time on true problem identification which creates an onsite “roadmap”.
A pre-onsite online employee assessment survey which team members can complete anonymously allows for employee perspective and input while uncovering friction points and where resistance to positive changes may lie.
Thereafter, our carefully selected team lands onsite to engage the owners, the management team and each and every team member while introducing LEAN tools to address chronic problems. Your team becomes part of the solution and not the problem. Success breeds success and sustained gains going forward. Post- onsite follow up and mentoring has a much different look and feel than traditional coaching.  Throughout the process we gain first-hand familiarity with you, your team members, demographics, business layout and your specific issues.
Have your ever been to a conference and returned with energy and excitement only to have it drained from you by a team that looks at you with blank stares?  Our clients have frequently related the onsite process to bringing a conference TO them.  By engaging directly with team members at your workplace, employees will understand your vision and feel the same excitement. This helps expedite transformation and sustained improvements.

Rafi Benamoz

President and Chief Solutionz Officer

If you shudder when you hear someone say, ”Been there. done that,” then you haven’t heard about Rafi Benamoz. As a process expert, Change Agent and observational guru, Rafi has focused on business valuation at the macro and micro levels. As the Chief Operating Officer of a pharmacy marketing and coaching company,he implemented systems to stabilize, support and sustain triple digit growth using LEAN principles to enhance customer value. At Delphi Automotive, he used the Toyota Production System to provide training and leadership internationally while creating interventions that brought about new levels of productivity. At General Motors Corporation, Rafi was a Labor Relations Administrator and Personnel Director where he further developed his negotiation and human resource skills to increase productivity while maintaining a collaborative environment all from an inauspicious beginning as an Industrial Engineer and Manufacturing Manager.

Rafi Benamoz combines the best of theoretical and practical business, borne out of years of real-world application and integration. He is a facilitator, a teacher. a coach, a train-the-trainer professional and certified LEAN implementation practitioner. Now, he enthusiastically shares this uniquely powerful skill set with his clients at BENAMOZ Business Entrepreneur SolutionZ.

Aside from his professional success, Rafi is very proud of his family and that all three of his adult sons have attained the rank of Eagle Scout!

Judy Pepper

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Judy began her career in the financial sector with Merrill Lynch and ultimately was sought after to partner in a financial services firm. After several years of continued double digit growth and ownership satisfaction Judy took time off to begin her family.

After returning to the workforce Judy used her ownership background to help another entrepreneur achieve more than 700% net growth over the following 7 years. Her extensive sales and marketing experience helped business owners identify value, solve their problems and better reap the benefits of ownership. Additionally, Judy developed educational programming for large national organizations used for continuing educational content.

As a strong people person Judy has a strong background in LEAN principles,public relations, business development, organizational leadership, contract negotiations and customer relationship management. With a broad perspective of the independent business owner, Judy is uniquely qualified to be part of your transformational team.

Judy understands the delicate balance between professional and personal lives in order to achieve one’s goals. While residing in South Florida, she is supported in her endeavors by her family which includes her husband, son and daughter.

Lydia Ferris

LEAN Business Consultant

As a change agent, Lydia focuses on 5S principles and has worked to implement systems to stabilize, support, and sustain growth using LEAN principles to enhance customer value. She has developed interactive skills to increase productivity while maintaining a collaborative environment, stemming from years of real-life application.
Lydia has used her years of automotive experience to generate improvement in delivery performance, while reducing inventory and costs. Her goal is to create and maintain productive work relationships with all levels of employees, and to help them improve effectiveness and efficiency in a collaborative win-win manner.

Lydia has held a variety of assignments at General Motors & Delphi Automotive, primarily in Production Control & Logistics. She also managed the engineering Test Lab facility in Lockport, overseeing test and development for future vehicle components. Her experience in supply chain has enabled her to work with diverse teams to drive changes in the organization. Lydia also developed job instructions and training for end users during a divisional implementation of SAP.

Lydia has over 30 years experience in inventory management & operations.

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